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    3. 先進制造業知識服務平臺
      工信部產業技術基礎公共服務平臺 國家中小企業公共服務示范平臺


      刊名Advance in Space Research



      Monitoring of long-term land subsidence from 2003 to 2017 in coastal area of Semarang, Indonesia by SBAS DInSAR analyses using Envisat-ASAR, ALOS-PALSAR, and Sentinel-1A SAR dataYastika, P. E. ; Shimizu, N. ; Abidin, H. Z.20192019, vol.63, no.5
      The adjusted optical properties for Galileo/BeiDou-2/QZS-1 satellites and initial results on BeiDou-3e and QZS-2 satellitesDuan, Bingbing ; Hugentobler, Urs ; Selmke, Inga 20192019, vol.63, no.5
      A comparison of seasonal variations of sea level in the southern Baltic Sea from altimetry and tide gauge dataPajak, Katarzyna ; Kowalczyk, Kamil20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Calibration errors in determining slant Total Electron Content (TEC) from multi-GNSS dataLi, Wei ; Wang, Guangxing ; Mi, Jinzhong ; Zhang, Shaocheng20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Seasonal variations in vertical distribution of meteor decay time as observed from meteor radars at 8.5 degrees N and 80 degrees NPremkumar, B. ; Reddy, K. Chenna ; Yellaiah, G. ; Kumar, K. Kishore20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Mars entry guidance using a semi-analytical methodZheng, Yiyu20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Study of the radiation fields in LEO with the Space Application of Timepix Radiation Monitor (SATRAM)Gohl, Stefan ; Bergmann, Benedikt ; Evans, Hugh ; Nieminen, Petteri ; Owens, Alan ; Posipsil, Stanislav20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Planetary Protection and the astrobiological exploration of Mars: Proactive steps in moving forwardFairen, Alberto G. ; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk ; Whyte, Lyle ; Parro, Victor ; Pavlov, Alexander ; Gomez-Elvira, Javier ; Azua-Bustos, Armando ; Fink, Wolfgang ; Baker, Victor 20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Plasma transport process in the equatorial/low-latitude ionosphereAdebesin, Babatunde Olufemi ; Adekoya, Bolarinwa John ; David, Timothy Wemimo20192019, vol.63, no.5
      Fringe fitting and group delay determination for geodetic VLBI observations of DOR tonesHan, Songtao ; Nothnagel, Axel ; Zhang, Zhongkai ; Haas, Ruediger ; Zhang, Qiang20192019, vol.63, no.5