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    3. 先進制造業知識服務平臺
      工信部產業技術基礎公共服務平臺 國家中小企業公共服務示范平臺


      刊名AIAA journal



      Optimization Using Multiple Dominance Criteria for Aerospace Design Under UncertaintyCook, Laurence W.; Jarrett, Jerome P. ?2018,56(12)
      Greedy Nonintrusive Reduced Order Model for Fluid DynamicsWang Chen; Hesthaven, Jan S.; Bai Junqiang; Qiu, Yasong; Zhang Yang; Yang Tihao ?2018,56(12)
      Probabilistic Approach for Damping Identification Considering Uncertainty in Experimental Modal AnalysisBi, Sifeng; Ouisse, Morvan; Foltetet, Emmanuel ?2018,56(12)
      Influence of Geometry on a Feedback-Free Fluidic Oscillator with Nonoutlet Facing JetsReichenzer, Frieder; Schneider, Mike; Doerr, Stefan ?2018,56(12)
      Boundary-Layer Transition Prediction over Cavities and Its Morphing Skin Design ApplicationMishriky, Fadi; Walsh, Paul C. ?2018,56(12)
      Nonlinear Static Aeroelastic and Trim Analysis of Highly Flexible Joined-Wing AircraftZhang, Chi; Zhou, Zhou; Zhu, Xiaoping; Meng, Pu ?2018,56(12)
      Modeling Swirl Decay Rate of Turbulent Flows in Annular Swirl InjectorsChoi, Jaehoon; Jung, Eunbeom; Kang, Seongwon; Do, Hyungrok ?2018,56(12)
      Differential Turbulent Supersonic Combustion of Hydrogen, Methane, and Ethylene, Without Assisted IgnitionLadeinde, Foluso; Li, Wenhai ?2018,56(12)
      Laser-Induced Plasma Ignition in a Cavity-Based Scramjet CombustorCai, Zun; Zhu, Jiajian; Sun, Mingbo; Wang, Zhenguo; Bai, Xue-Song ?2018,56(12)
      Fluidic Injection Scenarios for Shock Pattern Manipulation in ExhaustsSemlitsch, Bernhard; Mihaescu, Mihai ?2018,56(12)